The Gospel of God's Amazing Grace

By His amazing, gracious love for me,
when I cared nothing for His holiness,
He chose to free me from sin's domain.
He gave me a new start; no, a new life!
Now, He daily guides and enables me to
follow His way freely and ever gratefully.
- Anonymous

"We believe that the Tulsa area needs an OPC because it would be a confessional church uniquely dedicated to the preaching and teaching of God's word with careful attention to God-honoring worship. We found ourselves falling away from God and our faith in mainstream churches, not knowing that we were receiving milk but craving meat. The honest, loving, thorough preaching of God's word (Old and New Testament) brought us back to the Lord and to a right relationship with each other."
John and Sarah E. - Tulsa

"A few years ago, I was at a very low point in my life. I had just asked God's forgiveness for a particular, serious sin and had determined to live differently. Although I understood that God had forgiven me, I wasn't sure how my life was going to be different moving forward. Through God's providence, I found a sermon online by the pastor of an Orthodox Presbyterian Church in another state. That sermon changed my life. Preaching straight from scripture, the pastor explained how God's grace is intended to actually free us from the power or "dominion" of sin. He said that God, by his continuing grace, provides means by which he enables us, as Paul says in Ephesians 4:1, to "walk in a manner worthy" of our calling as Christians, consistent with God's character. Through a series of events, God applied this truth to my life. I felt clean for the first time in years and began feeling hopeful for the future. However, there was no OPC church in the Tulsa area to attend and obtain continuing instruction. After contacting the OPC home office, pastors from Bartlesville, Oklahoma and Caney, Kansas began driving to South Tulsa (60 to 80 miles one way) to lead a Sunday night Bible study. At one point or another, as appropriate, I shared "my story" with people attending the Bible study. No one rejected me when I told them about the circumstances leading up to that very low point in my life. Instead, they accepted my repentance as true and showed, time and again, that they believed in me and were willing to love me with the love that only comes from our Lord."
Randy P. - Tulsa

"I am so thankful to be in Providence OPC! For years, I have wanted to belong to a church which faithfully teaches the whole Word of God in clarity, purity and the power of its simplicity, and does not back down from application. I have also yearned for worship where the entire congregation focuses on the beauty of God's holiness, avoiding the trap of setting a small group of people up front like performers. Also, importantly, in the time we've been together we have really begun to grow into a unified body which cares for each other and enjoys fellowship with one another."
Gordon R. - Bixby